Examples of Net.Create in Action

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Editing has been disabled on these networks but please let us know if you'd like a full demo.

In Spring of 2019, 75 students built a network using Tacitus’ Annals, with a focus on the chronicles of the Roman Emperors Claudius and Nero. These three sample networks are all based on a single network built by students over 2 network-building sessions of approximately 35 minutes each.

  • The original network produced by students
    • This shows Nero and Claudius at the center of their imperial courts, with nodes divided into “Person”, “Group”, “Place”, “Thing”, and “Event”.
  • The original network produced by students with added gender distinctions
    • After students generated their original network, the instructional team used Net.Create live during class to reassign nodes with the “Person” label into “Man” and “Woman” categories.
    • The instructor’s goal was to explore the role women played in connecting members of the Roman Imperial court and its functions.
    • Students noted that women connected important people despite not making a lot of connections themselves (eigenvector centrality rather than degree centrality).
  • The original network produced by students with added factions
    • While the students were discussing the newly-generated gender network, a member of the instructional team exported data to Gephi and ran a modularity/network-neighborhood report.
    • That information was reimported to Net.Create live during class so that students could see divisions in the imperial network. We briefly discussed factions and then students explored the faction network on their own after class.

We also have two samples of undergraduate research done on a set of objects contributed by the Indiana University Bloomington community and networked using several different network taxonomies at https://historyharvest.indiana.edu/Fall2019/stories/Networks.html.