Get a copy of Net.Create

Net.Create's features are drawn from needs established collaboratively by a team of digital-humanities practitioners, educational researchers, network-analysis specialists and agile software developers

The Command-line Version

Net.Create is built on a Node.JS, React and D3 core and uses npm to manage its packages. If you’ve got a computer running MacOS (or you’re willing to invest $5/month in a Digital Ocean droplet), are comfortable with command line work (or willing to experiment), have admin control over your computer, and have a basic understanding of GitHub, check out the source code at

Our documentation is a work in progress but it provides [basic tutorials for new-to-the-command-line users, a full set of installation instructions for MacOS and Digital Ocean, and instructions for creating user-access tokens.

The Easy Version (Coming Soon)

We’re in the process of working through requirements for a downloadable double-clickable version of Net.Create. If you want to be notified of Net.Create news, please let us know through our Contact Form