Net.Create is an open-source analysis tool that offers simultaneous multi-user network-data entry that accommodates duplicate and ambiguous network data, provides live visualizations of up-to-the-minute entries from other team members, and is structured around clear citational and interpretive practices.

Humanities-driven network analysis for research and teaching

Humanities approaches ask practitioners to assess significance and interpret interactions using primary sources . Without a good framework to support teams of researchers working with a variety of documents, the network analysis can end up taking first billing. Net.Create helps humanities practitioners--researchers, students and teachers alike--build an interpretive framework into which humanities close-reading details fit using network analysis approaches and build network-analysis proficiency through humanities close-reading activities.

Data literacy through social network exploration

Social media data is, at its core, network data. Net.Create offers teams of researchers, or students working together in classrooms, a that allow (but warn about) duplicate data, provide live visualizations of up-to-the-minute entries from other team members and are structured around clear citational practices.

Free, easy-to-use network data entry and analysis

Net.Create's open-source software package is available on Github as a downloadable package. It can be installed for use as a web app, running either locally on MacOS, or as a droplet on Digital Ocean for $6-10/month. Our documentation offers installation processes for both, and we have activities and publications that provide examples for research teams and classrooms of several shapes and sizes.

Documentation and Download

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